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Will Lanny's limo run out of gas during the final ceromonies of Joe Nieuwendyk's Plaza of Honour Experience?
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Marty and ILYA are threatening immediate strike action if The Plumbers don't cough up their bonus cheques.
Spezza and The Lone Rangers have been riding high all season but are now banged up down the stretch.
Stamkos leads all forwards and The Plumbers are already dipping into the fake ILYA coffers.
Rinne's Joe Nieuwendyk's Plaza of Honour Experience has been spectacular and he leads all goalies.
Erik Karlsson leads all defencemen and wants you to join Joe Nieuwendyk's Plaza of Honour Experience.
Dorsett leads all tough guys and is one more reason why the Lone Rangers are a threat to all.
Jonathan Toews and The Lone Rangers are setting the pace and leaving many teams in the dust.
Joe Niewendyk's Plaza of Honour Experience is gaining supporters and Lanny is in on the scene.
The fake IYLA is currently costing over $1.28 million/point but the Plumbers note IYLA is 11th overall in scoring.
Marty should have cut out the mesh out before James Neal lit him up on behalf of Clutterbuck's Clusterf&ck.
Heavier than Weight's Phil Kessel can currently be found in 3rd overall in scoring thus far.
Thomas Vanek is leading the charge for the 6th place Colorado Buffaloes.
Semening Explosion's Milan Lucic has officially begun negotiating contracts on behalf of FY.
Jeffrey Loophole is lighting the lamp but the Crosbyless Disgust Concussed has slipped to 8th.
Uncut leads in blood donations but The MULE is stitching this decimated team together.
There is no shortage of potential victims on Kopkaine's Cab Ride come supp time.
Milan seconds after receiving commands from the bunker. See more Thrash
Uncut's Carcillo quickly turned Tom Gilbert's Joe Nieuwendyk Plaza of Honour Experience into a nasty nightmare.
April 1st Standings in Excel
April 1st Standings in Excel
April 1st Standings in Excel
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