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Marty has 32 pts and is already planning a ceremony for himself....and Skating Wounded.
IYLA has signed a life-time contract with the Stovalchuks and has 30 pts.
Anzi Kopitar has 29 pts for Heavier than Weight and is ruining Marty's celebration plans.
Jonathan Quick has 26 pts and is inflicting Trauma into anyone who doesn't have a ticket to SUTT's Kool-Aid party.
Dustin Brown has 28 pts and has orders to inflict Trauma into anyone not drinking SUTT's Kool-Aid.
Who would have dreamed #1 pick Malkin would be a softie for Sali Semening?
Dancing Anzi Kopitar was #2 and is Heavier than Weight.
The Flyers have already started intense negotiations.
Crosby went #3 and The Plumbers are grimacing at Sid's salary right now.
Seguin went #4 and the Dawgs were hoping he found the twine more.
James Neal went #5 and he collected 8 pts for the Checkers before being eliminated.
Daniel Sedin went #6 to surprise...Skating Wounded.
Marion Gaborik went #7 and Trauma is still waiting for him to put his jersey on.
Henrik Sedin went #8 and is confused and furious as the Stovalchuks.
The Nasburg Predquins took Chris Letang 9th overall but didn't realize he had plans on an early summer.
Zetts went #10 and Hopefully went down the tubes when the Wings were devoured by the Predators.
Claude Giroux went #11 and had 25 pts but found himself consoling Joe Thornton through yet another heartbreaking experience.
Alexander Radulov went #12 and broke curfew to sink Use The Schwartz in the 2nd round.
Stanley Cup Game 6 in Excel
Stanley Cup Game 6 in Excel
Stanley Cup Game 6 in Excel
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