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Probing Knockouts: World Cup Final- Spanish Nuclear Attack scores late in extra time to defeat Orange Crush's Netherlands.....July 10th- Orange Crush's Germany limits Cartel's dominance by edging Uraguay for bronze.....July 7th- Spanish Nuclear Attack grinds Orange Crush's Germany into the ground.....July 6th- Orange Crush's Netherlands eliminates The Cartel by edging Uruguay.....July 3rd- Orange Crush's Germans release torrent tradegy all over Cartel's Argentina.....Spanish Nuclear Attack sucks the life out of Ghana-rhia as Paraguay comes up dry.....July 2nd- Ghana-rhia implodes during penalty kicks as Cartel's Uraguay dissolves them to a drip.....Orange Crush's Netherlands discharges Ghana-rhia's Brazil
The excitement and hope is through the roof for the World Cup 2010 Pool. The contenders understand the World stage stakes:








Nuclear Attack Nuclear Attack Nuclear Attack


This squad features power, mystery, and the potential for sheer domination:





North Korea


Will the troops trust the leadership?


Ghana-rhia Ghana-rhia Ghana-rhia

Do not be afraid!

The Grand Puba has them believing they can accomplish anything, including winning the World Cup:







Will health issues bring down Ghana-rhia?

Orange Crush Orange Crush Orange Crush

Divide and Conquer!

Orange Crush is a prime example of strange bed fellows. This squad could win it all or self-destruct inside the locker room:






Ivory Coast

Can they overcome their trust issues?

Rouge, Blanc et Bleu Rouge, Blanc et Bleu Rouge, Blanc et Bleu

We shall never surrender!

Hmmm, Mussolini, Churchill, Bush, and Napoleon in the bunker. Looks like it's up to Churchill:







Will France put up a fight this time?

The Cartel The Cartel The Cartel

Coming up short not an option!

The Cartel has made billions with their easygoing attitude. Their locker room is stockpiled with surprises:






South Africa

Will anyone dare question leadership?

Doug's Slugs Doug's Slugs Doug's Slugs

No Pressure!

Doug's Slugs slid in after everyone else but their decade of experience gives them strength:

South Korea

New Zealand


Can these underdogs pull off the Impossible Dream in such short notice?

Inside Information on each team:    
Nuclear Attack
Nuclear Attack
Nuclear Attack

The style and bravery of the Spanish matador is regarded as just as important as if he actually kills the bull. Comforting thought.....
Mexico has millions of supporters and they couldn't have picked a better leader.
Serbia comes in small packages and you know what they say about small packages.
Slovenia remains a mystery other than the fact Nuclear Attack has a secret mission for them.
Kim Yong is hoping the North Koreans don't get caught with their pants down like him.
The Danes are pumped but wary to be part of Nuclear Attack's arsenal.
Ghana-rhia brings beauty into the fold with this Brazilian bombshell.
Greece is all smiles after learning Ghana-rhia is committed to a successful outcome.
Ghana-rhia supporters haven't been this PUMPED since Penicillin.
Paraguay threw their hair back for Ghana-rhia.
Australia is up in arms over Ghana-rhia.
Japan is ready to rock n roll for Ghana-rhia.
Orange Crush
Orange Crush
Orange Crush
She brings new meaning to Orange Crush.
There is no excuse if Germany doesn't find the net.
There is no questioning Cameroon's support but is that ball glued to his head?
The Nigerian charter enroute to World Cup.
Honduras has been very secretive since learning they were drafted by Orange Crush.
Ivory Coast is up to the tusk for Orange Crush.
Rouge, Blanc et Bleu
Rouge, Blanc et Bleu
Rouge, Blanc et Bleu
Italy is excited to be part of the Rouge, Blanc et Bleu.
England promises to rack up some victories for the Rouge, Blanc et Bleu.
The US love their Rouge, Blanc et Bleu and aren't shy about waving their stars and stripes.
France would much rather be friends than fight but may stun the World after joining the Rouge, Blanc et Bleu.
The Swiss are proud to be part of the Rouge, Blanc et Bleu regime.
Slovakia was enthused about being part of the Rouge, Blanc et Bleu but only offered a pic of Jagr.
The Cartel
The Cartel
The Cartel
Portugal doesn't need a gun to do damage for The Cartel.
Argentina is a favorite but rumour has it they have trouble keeping their eye on the ball.
This is a rare moment but Uruguay has thrown their support behind The Cartel.
Chile has much pride and may become a major factor for The Cartel.
Algeria broke away from France in 1962 and 48 years later they find themselves mixed up with The Cartel.
South Africa has welcomed The Cartel into their stadiums in search of victory.
Doug's Slugs
Doug's Slugs
Doug's Slugs
South Korea was more than happy to be managed by Doug's Slugs.
New Zealand will have to lean on Doug's Slugs experience for guidance to accomplish The Impossible Dream.
Canada has joined Doug's Slugs in hopes of qualifying for the next World Cup.
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