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Jonus Davis's recent arrest ensures he won't be Running Free for Danny Barrett this year, and potentially for the next 20 years.
Michael Bishop is expecting to be the #1 pick in the supp draft, especially after this YouTube beauty.
Click Click's Dave Stala will have trouble topping this 2010 classic against the RIDERS.

Adriano BELLI will not be a factor in the pool...as always...but will be missed by RIDER Nation's east side stands.

Taman perplexed as his patented "Retread philosphy" kicks into high gear and the RIDERS' depth plummets.
Hover mouse over Doug Berry to see why the comparisons will never die despite the RIDERS finally giving him the boot.

Smiling Hank leads in Tweets and 'Woe is Me' are stumbling again after Henry's onfield outburst with Stamp fans.
John Chick finally got his chance in the NFL after being acquired by Jacksonville Jaquars and being activated for week 1.
Milan Lucic is working on his salute to The General & The Warden and shooting hard for Semening Explosion.
The best player in the world is back and already out again for the defending champion Disgust Concussed.
Clitsome is tickled pink with Semening Explosion.
Milan was very shook up when he heard he was part of Semening Explosion's mission.
Hey listen up, I just found out the playoffs began 3 games ago.
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