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Final Revelations:
Brown Cox's
Danny B's dominating DEEEE
Click Click!
Copes just wants to have fun
18 Pack Danny MAC
The veteran slips during last call
Weston's Wroten Gamehens
Wroten Gamehens mercifully clipped
Da Bums!!
2nd best DEEE with Lin n Willie n Heff
Just Another "Great" Performance
AC 2nd best pick but injuries devastating
Woe is Me
RUNAKA RETH III and Scowling Hank
Danny Barrett's Brown Cox's discussing Swami Crown and the next coaching job he will be fired from.
Travis Lulay Click Clicked! 151 times but Danny B's Brown Coxes and Doug Brown chalked up another yet another Swami Crown.
Click Click! for Nik Lewis as he mocks Just another "Great" Performance's Chirpin' Dwight Anderson. Watch youtube vid.
Hank loved swapping tweet stories but that smile was quickly wiped off his face after he was booed by fans in this youtube vid.
Initial Swami relevations after 2011 draft
2011 CFL Swamis Rules
Final Standings in Excel
Danny Barrett's Brown Cox's gripped Jamal Richardson and SJ Green and didn't snooze on Chip.
Weston's Wroten Gamehens were all over Jamal Johnson and Double J is crushing as always.
18 Pack Danny MAC began his defence as reigning champ with Elimimian and Solomon is leading all players in pool.
Renauld Williams is carrying Click Click's DEEE but needs Juwan Simpson back and new recruits come Supp time.
AC will take care of Just Another "Great" Performance's offence while The Minister leads their DEEE.
Ricky Ray is back to dominating now that he has a better team around him and still gets no respect. Can he and Da Bums get it done?
Woe Is Me is not happy with Smiling Hank but knows Burris routinely racks up big numbers and tweets every year.
  2010 CFL in review
Congrats to 18 Pack Danny MAC
Running Free takes 2nd place


2010 Final Standings in Excel

Danny MAC was #1 in 2010 and but will he crack under the immense pressure of defending the Swami Crown?
Danny Barrett's Running Free saved its challenges as Danny MAC poured his 18 pack into the coveted Swami trophy.
  2009 CFL in review
Congrats to Da Chump
Stovepeders take 2nd place
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