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Arland Bruce III is extremely upset he was not picked in the 2013 CFL draft.
Thanks for extending my contract before firing me.
  2013 NHL Playoffs Standings
Congrats to Sid's D Man
LIving the Dream takes 2nd
The Leafs in the playoffs! Insanity!
Daniel Carcillo hoisting the Cup!
Canucks' best performer in playoffs.
  2012-2013 NHL Regular Season Standings
Congrats to Sid's Semen
Ralph takes 2nd
IYLA's shoulder has healed enough to carry all his $$$$$$ back to Russia.
Next pool---pick date the Oilers fire Craig Mactavish...again!
Alexei Kovalev retired 10 years ago but made it official earlier this season.
  2012-2013 WHL Regular Season Standings
Congrats to Bizarro Draft Dodgers
Reign of Pain takes 2nd
Bizarro but devastating Draft Dodgers.
Excellent girls!
Has that cup been smashed yet?
  2012 CFL Swamis Standings
Congrats to AAAAAAY Team
Sheet Show takes 2nd
The AAAAAAY Team surged near the finish line with Richie Ray in control.
Sheet Show looked like a lock to win it all but injuries took their toll.
  2012 NHL Playoffs Standings
Congrats to Skating Wounded
Trauma takes 2nd
Lou sez Devils needed two more wins but ILYA stopped drinking the Kool-aid.
The gloves came off but they were both given that brutal instigator penalty.
Sutter's Kings made history as first team to dump the #1 and #2 seed in same year.
  2011-2012 NHL Regular Season Standings
Congrats to Plumbers
Joe Nieuwendyk's Plaza of Honor takes 2nd
Will you be ready to rumble at the most intense draft of them all on April 10th?
The Man The Myth The Legend...just ask him.
Or will you stumble in with the Leafs' annual playoff plan?
 2010 World Cup Standings
Spanish Nuclear Attack edges Orange Crush's Netherlands
Ghana-rhia's impact was felt by all but they were eventually wiped out.
No one escaped the fear of Ghan-rhia.
The Soccer-moms loved everyone being soo pumped up for the tourney.
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